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『ゾンビサバイバル コロニービルダー They Are Billions』について、特殊能力を持つゾンビや キャンペーンモードの独自要素に関する情報が公開されました。”(ry

@esaagar @SteveKerr @KingJames @JHarden13 Funny you only care about Chinese human rights violations What about the saudis ? They are the largest terrorist group in the world and when trump approved billions in weapons sales to [email protected] people get richer and help to slaughter innocent people, it was “ONLY BUSINESS” 🙄

@DaShaunLH I went and looked over some of their financial history. I can’t wait until this and other companies are destroyed fully. Both their revenue and profit are in the billions. Like $22,400,000,000 was the revenue they had in 2019Here’s 2019s finances: gilead.com/news-and-press…

@m_sherrill @realDonaldTrump When I say 99.9% then, there are 1.3 billions indian people bro. And they all nationalists not a perticular religion.

@CarolineLucas Thanks for highlighting the problems faced by music, arts and theatre venues in these challenging times. They are likely to be the last places to reopen yet have no financial support, despite the industry contributing £billions to the UK economy. @OliverDowden

@jamescolwill @davidpick1987 Wages are astronomical, spent huge transfer fees on players that haven’t worked, funding a stadium redevelopment and then the COVID crisis, they’re in real trouble yet have billions in revenue, it’s crazy

Fed might not be buying stocks outright (yet), but they’re certainly putting gale-force tailwinds under them. It is beyond disturbing that megacap companies with hundreds of billions in cash are getting Fed sponsorship. It’s wrong on every conceivable level. twitter.com/BradHuston/sta…

There are fifty nations that have a #dictator or #authoritarianregime ruling the nation to this day, i didn’t know there were so many dictators in the world!Why are they still alive and well while billions of people are suffering??Where are the #UN?#standunited#humanity

@DailySabah @yahyabostan What a load of rubbish . EU did not give the money to Greece . They lend it and we are paying back . Your country got 4 Billions to take care of the refugees . Erdo took the money , but sends the refugees to Greece

test ツイッターメディア - @DailySabah @yahyabostan What a load of rubbish . EU did not give the money to Greece . They lend it and we are paying back . Your country got 4 Billions to take care of the refugees . Erdo took the money , but sends the refugees to Greece https://t.co/249seNo99d

@lynnmercereau But, they are losing billions of dollars! It’s a business! *Insert other cliches here*

“to ensure price is in no way a hindrance” bitch that shit costs upward of 3k and we already paid you billions to fund research everyone who dies bc they couldn’t afford this is on you. you are going to kill thousands of people @GileadSciences fucking stupid twitter.com/gileadsciences…

@IanDunt The @Conservatives cut billions from police funding, and got rid of over 22000 police officers. They lead the world in defunding the police.They also orchestrated a decade-long media war on the police, we are now reaping what they sowed with the rise in attacks on officers.

“Billions of appropriated Federal dollars are being funneled to facilities based on the number of “Covid cases” they can produce.As I’ve always said, if you subsidize something you get more of it. And that’s why we are getting more Covid cases.” twitter.com/RonPaul/status…

@Ker1244 Billions in payments to dodgy companies that don’t deliver on the deal, major fraud and theft happening and they are now brazen about it because they aren’t being challenged by the organisations that ought to be challenging them.

This didn’t used to be the case, but I find myself jealous of other people for what they *have*.I’m never jealous of people for who they *are*.Have billions like Zuck or Musk? Awesome. BE Zuck or Musk? Not a chance.

@realNandeep @mayukhrghosh @navikakumar Yes they are earning Billions of Rupees from India.They donated that amount to PMCARES for the pandemic. And you know about that fund.

@justanavywife @onehumanfamily2 @davidmweissman @ABC @realDonaldTrump talk to middle class black people about the conversations they have to have with their kids about how to SURVIVE interactions with police. Why do we pay billions of dollars to support a public department full of people who are untrained to do what most people need of them 3/

@dravirmani Then WHY WE are Tom toming our Hi-tech XYZ named military machinery??? Are they made and meant to be in Show case. WHAT IS THE BLOODY USE OF SPENDING BILLIONS OF RUPEES ON UPGRADING ARMED FORCES. Just to please Citizens on 15 August and 26 January PARADE….

@MadameXimon @StevenTDennis I agree it’s pricing shenanigans! “Let’s screw the Americans, they are to busy to research and too stupid to pay attention. We’ll make billions off their backs yet again!” ~ Big Pharma

@BEM05_13 @_gloryglory1 @BBCSportsound Vincent Tan has billions as he is a billionaire. He was backed by Vincent Tan, hence backed by Tans billions. Pretty easy really.Free transfers are nothing special these days, what were the wages & signing on fees? How did they compare with competition?

If NYC pols had the smarts & spine, they can close Rikers w/o spending the billions that we can’t afford on new jails. Important relevant note: jail & prison populations are mainly a function of human-made policy & practice. Humans made them; humans can change them. #NoNewJails. twitter.com/blackboikei/st…

@45bed823eab4435 Steinhoff did as they pleased and stole billions and no one has been held accountable. What accountability are you holding that mass distraction to?

@stoolpresidente It’s QE, pension funds and mutual funds are re-balancing their portfolios. They don’t do that by the millions, they do it by the billions. Markets going to choppy until July is around.

Pharmaceutical companies like Gilead are so fucking evil. They rely on taxpayers’ funding to test and produce drugs like Truvada and Remdesivir, then turn around to charge patients obscene amounts of money to get these drugs while profiting billions of dollars from it. twitter.com/cnbc/status/12…

As filmmakers They tell us our story and culture won’t sell, the white man carted some away and made billions off it and turned around to tell other black man to tell us its evil…Now they are telling our story but as their fantasy as we work on the next comedy. twitter.com/1800ISSADEAD/s…

@the_resistor @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump I guess you are talking about P. Obama, that gave Billions to Iran and with that money they funded Isis and Obama did nothing to stop them .

@MSNBC Dems supported giving billions of dollars to Iran who was verified supplying IED’s to kill Americans, working on a nuclear bomb and they arrested Navy personnel, yet you idiots believe since insurgents murder Americans for free, whether they are being paid by Russia. Pathetic.

Nah they are totally giving us billions and not expecting anything in return, the racist authoritarian dictatorship that treats minorities and the poor like second class citizens are just that caring and generous. twitter.com/TheStar_news/s…

@HTinders @PatMartin71 @BernieSanders he’s literally a senator. That’s what they do.And are you okay with the billions of *leftover* money that police, military, and other institutions have? Are you okay with your tax dollars *not* going to useful things like education? or welfare programs?

@SueZieCue @Casper324B @sleepup @HawkeyeBrooke @mgc4423 @xshularx I hate that “Drain on America” talking point. First the agricultural and meat industries DEPEND on immigration which has been highlighted by COVID. Then on top of that billions are contributed in tax revue (that beloved Corps aren’t) that they’ll NEVER USE. We benifit🙄

@ChrisGPackham Well said Chris !HS2 is the environmental & climate destructive ,brainchild of the tories, a vanity project costing billions& will do nothing for the north or the improvement of our countrywide railways! Funds are needed now for post virus Britain .They are Fools!

and those (kpop)bands are getting 20x more mentioned on twt than xy celebrity.they got clicked billions of times (on youtube etc) even tho there are about 4billion people on youtube. [a/n; i don’t really understand what she’s saying there bc the other woman is interrupting]+++

@AiashaMohamed @FULHAMFRENCHIE @realistgeo @dominiquetaegon Fatah won the election, Hamas decided they didnt like it and hence killed all fatah members and held elections with just their name on the ballot paper. Since then have diverted billions to iran for weapons and their own pockets. Israel left gaza, hamas are the cause

いよいよPS4でも発売やね、価格もお手ごろやし、プレイ確定かな!?「ゾンビサバイバル コロニービルダー They Are Billions」の特殊能力を持つゾンビと,キャンペーンモードのミッション情報が公開 4gamer.net/games/510/G051… @4GamerNewsより

This is the real agendaOur government is willing to pay billions to this foreign drug companyThey deny patients HCQ and other proven treatments because they are cheaper so no profits to be made for big pharma twitter.com/HighWireTalk/s…

@ByJonGardner Don’t forget they are on the lines for billions due to the Yescarta infringement that is the brainchild of Arie Belldegrun. I expect another lawsuit when FDA approved KTE-X19 since it’s the same transgene. Did you see my video? twitter.com/sesiegler/stat…

食料が増えないから少ない人数のスナイパーで外の掃除に行くと押しつぶされるという #They_are_billions

@kittybunny470 @JamesHu73846237 @CalebJHull Because they are the American Taliban, ready to destroy history and art because they don’t agree with it.Because these mobs have already done billions in damage to communities.Because these jackbooted, thug mobs model their actions off Kristalnacht.

@AndrewVickers @twatterlol9 @Femi_Sorry There are 20 signed so far. They’re on Gov.UkWorks for me as I do a lot of business with the Swiss for example.Remoaners wasted us time and £billions. Own it and move on now.

CONGRATS TO MISSISSIPPI. 1/5 Corrected 4/5 Lacks Correction. Those 5 States are front and center in the SPORTS 🏀 🏈 WORLD WITH BLACK ATHLETES. They EARN $billions$ from sports television REVENUES. PAY COACHES MILLIONS AND BLACK ATHLETES NOTHING. msnbc.com/msnbc/these-5-…

@DemFromCT @williamadler78 @LemieuxLGM It is also HILARIOUS. These are some malicious, theocratic, racist, retrograde fucks who paid hundreds of millions of dollars, probably billions, and worked very hard, over the last 40 years for this sort of thing and they just watched a huge chunk of that effort go up in smoke.

『ゾンビサバイバル コロニービルダー They Are Billions』キャンペーンモードの独自要素や特殊能力を持ったゾンビたちを紹介 famitsu.com/news/202006/29…

test ツイッターメディア - 『ゾンビサバイバル コロニービルダー They Are Billions』キャンペーンモードの独自要素や特殊能力を持ったゾンビたちを紹介 https://t.co/cYdkh0t16O https://t.co/8Eu6Uvs4Zg
test ツイッターメディア - 『ゾンビサバイバル コロニービルダー They Are Billions』キャンペーンモードの独自要素や特殊能力を持ったゾンビたちを紹介 https://t.co/cYdkh0t16O https://t.co/8Eu6Uvs4Zg
test ツイッターメディア - 『ゾンビサバイバル コロニービルダー They Are Billions』キャンペーンモードの独自要素や特殊能力を持ったゾンビたちを紹介 https://t.co/cYdkh0t16O https://t.co/8Eu6Uvs4Zg
test ツイッターメディア - 『ゾンビサバイバル コロニービルダー They Are Billions』キャンペーンモードの独自要素や特殊能力を持ったゾンビたちを紹介 https://t.co/cYdkh0t16O https://t.co/8Eu6Uvs4Zg

My question is – if Flynn knew Brennan and Intel bigwigs were “running billions off the books” then why didn’t our Republican politicians know and open a Senate investigation? And now that we all know now, why are they not doing anything?waynedupree.com/2020/06/genera…. .

1. Almost all of the tariff revenue came from US companies/consumers2. Those billions primarily went to large agribusiness (often more than they lost) 3. Farmers are still worse off over the longer term, & your trade deal is in tattersThose cleaners are looking pretty good rn twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…