声優アーティスト・下野紘、1stフルアルバム「WE GO!」の発売日を8月19日(水)に延期を発表

声優アーティスト・下野紘、2020年6月17日(水)発売予定となっていた1stフルアルバム「WE GO!」が2020年8月19日(水)に発売延期することを公式HPにて発表した。 …(ry

sigh here we go again

@deadboyko Somehow we always go back to the Sanji slander 🤦🏾‍♂️

@YouchoosewhoIam Shall we go into DM’s?

@JustKelechi And we go pluck them resale 😁😁😁😋😋

@davido Kings🙌🏼🙌🏼But The Picture Dey Somehow😜But We No Go Talk Cos We Respect The Kings🙌🏼If Nah All Those Omo Kekeke😜I Go Enter Them Ooo🙁❣️I Love You Kings❣️🙌🏼

@SGuptarishi @ashish_jadhao @CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT @AjitPawarSpeaks @PawarSpeaks @Jayant_R_Patil @NCPspeaks @INCMaharashtra @AshokChavanINC @bb_thorat @satyajeettambe @satejp @SATAVRAJEEV @ShivSena @AUThackeray @ChhaganCBhujbal @MahaDGIPR @PMOIndia Mam this situation was unfamiliar, nothing was predictable. Even We know how people were non co-operative, they coming out to see how curfew looks. I don’t have any personal profit from any party but Just have faith in them, and they also need help to keep things go on.

@DlaminiZuma didnt you make enough money on selling your illegal cigarettes..? We all know about it!!Why do you want to extend the ban on cigarettes, you not the president or Zuma’s wife anymore so SHUT UP & GO #whenpeoplezol

i’m 23 with a 1 and 2 year old. i tell ppl their ages and they look at me like i’m crazy. things didn’t go as planned for me, but God had a plan for me and he’s really standing on that. we good over here

@iTerryTommy Sending positive vibes- & you’re right to be concerned. I’m in NY & the pandemic has been brutal on my friends in the restaurant industry. Is there anywhere else he can go for testing locally— today? In NY, we have testing at City MD, urgent care. Do you have anywhere like that?

Was just informed the other stray cat we were taking care of passed away; he passed away inside the cat house we had for him& it made me feel a little better knowing he had someplace safe to go to. RIP❤️

@HOTBARBllE i hate that skittles roach but omg we will go no.1 again the way we won

@Dadawg247 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you know im always telling the truth. We can debate about it but ill win so just go ahead and bend a knee.

can I vote we just go without a president the next couple years

twitch.tv/akltrifecta🎂Live in 10, AKLytes!🥳It’s finally time to kick off today’s #Birthday Stream Double-Feature! First up, we’re taking a nostalgic trip back to Inkopolis as we rep #TeamKetchup in the #Splatoon2 #Splatfest revival!Let’s go, my tomato-jam peeps~!🍅

test ツイッターメディア - https://t.co/7VfsW8Zzcz🎂Live in 10, AKLytes!🥳It's finally time to kick off today's #Birthday Stream Double-Feature! First up, we're taking a nostalgic trip back to Inkopolis as we rep #TeamKetchup in the #Splatoon2 #Splatfest revival!Let's go, my tomato-jam peeps~!🍅 https://t.co/3vUp1OUtnQ

@davematt88 Not if we don’t go 😀. I thought you were a practicing Bedroom Baptist? 😂

Can we just go back to when everyone was going crazy for Popeyes chicken sandwiches

Lost in the 4th round of the warzone tourney we go again Sunday! Now on to fifa for fut champs! Join the stream and give me some banter to get me through this stress riddled game! #FIFA20 #FUTChamps #twitch twitch.tv/jordanwright22

Can not wait to go to my fave Nepalese restaurant once we’re free😩😩

OMG. This is the data we were waiting for. Next, deaths will go up because no one went to the Dr. for a check-up. twitter.com/gatewaypundit/…

#Marvel #SPUMC#SpiderMan #SpiderManIntoTheSpiderverse #IntoTheSpiderverse #SpiderHam #DocOck #Kingpin Is he in black and white? Where is that wind coming from? We’re in a basement. Wherever I go, the wind follows. And the wind… smells like rain imdb.com/title/tt463369…

here we go boys…,,

I was meant to be heading to the @hayfestival with my Mum for half term. We’re both watching the digital events though, albeit in different households, and I have a very nice glass of red to go with it! Excited!

test ツイッターメディア - I was meant to be heading to the @hayfestival with my Mum for half term. We're both watching the digital events though, albeit in different households, and I have a very nice glass of red to go with it! Excited! https://t.co/IATIcWxpu9

It’s Friday and today we decided to go on a virtual field trip! @padlet was the perfect platform to make this possible! 🤩 instagram.com/p/CAgKL7Tht-U/…

@Intellectard @JigsawMacrocosm You need to follow the happenings instead of the propaganda… The entire Russian collusion is being exposed as set up. With what Grennell has been releasing this will go all the way to the top. #ObamaGateThen we’ll throw Huber’s investigation of CF for good measure. #BOOM

@BorisJohnson You are either in lockdown or you are not and as it would appear we are not, stop with the fannying about and let the country go back to work Boris. Ta. 👍

@henriquee1906 Video? Here we go: getvideobot.com/henriquee1906. PS: Always check your download page if i don’t respond.

@LeonydusJohnson The hell its not! White people are called racist all the time for stating facts, so he we go. Black ppl are called uncle tom and all sorts of crap for having their own opinion if its not playing to the liberal propaganda. So HERE WE FREAKING GO. (not going, but just saying)

And there we go… @marksammiller how’d I do for a tweet-sized summary of CapTP?

@AvraRachel @gregkulowiec Yes! We were talking about if they go to a 50% at a time model (one wk in school/one week virtual and switch OR MT school/WTh virtual and switch) what do I do with my child when I have to be at school every day. Yikes… this is going to be messy….

Here we go. Another completely level-headed proposal from those firebrands at the @WGAWest. twitter.com/DEADLINE/statu…

!Regain and we go again tomorrow

@DailyCaller Hahahaha. Here we go again. Hillary did too

@Tosh_Mizzau This isn’t about any political party – it’s about people. The wages go to paying the workers, not the organization. I hope this helps expand and explain where we are at with this.

@irishHBK When I was in my young 20s we would go to disco night at a club called Donzis and they had $1 drinks. Huge huge fun

So here we go again, I fall in love againPlease don’t tell that we’re gonna be friendYour love is sweet as honey in the springRomantic places, you will be the clueThis time love you’ll always in my dream*Here We Go Again (Ardhito Pramono)

and when my 🗣SUGARDADDY takes me for riiiiiiiiiiiiide, whatever way we go it’s…delirium tiiiiiiiiiime🎶Mariah floated.

“We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can’t even go for a damn jog man! ”–LeBron James (@KingJames) 5/6/20, about #AhmaudArberyThis (white) victim was INSIDE the comfort of his home. Mr. James…unavailable for comment? twitter.com/theslumtv/stat…

A thousand times we said there was no moderate lane to the Democrat nomination.@JoeBiden is proof.He’s giving the radical, extreme left everything they want.He’s embraced the big government socialist agenda.America won’t stand for it.fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-p…

Really– if we can right now get on an airplane w 240 people sitting within 8 inches of the person next to us for HOURS, why can’t Broadway, the ballet, the opera, jazz clubs & other venues open?! Venues can implement proper safety & people can decide if they want to go #OpenNYC